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The Last Refuge - Ben Coes The Last Refuge is a political thriller from the get-go. Ben Coes has described the political climate in the USA to the Middle East so well that I was able to grasp the clandestine nature of the beast. And, truthfully, his depiction of the 'intelligence department' made me shiver. I suspect Ben's novel is painfully close to the truth on how the CIA and other security departments function.

The Last Refuge is past paced and exciting. The body count is up there and the callous nature of some of the characters was difficult to comprehend. If there is a weakness in the novel it's that I couldn't connect with the characters. I wanted the 'good guys' to win but only for the sake of preventing mass suffering of innocents.

If you like plot driven novels, espionage, and wish to experience the bitter taste on how some world federal governments might operate, you'll enjoy Ben's novel. He's an excellent writer, putting the reader into the scenes. You will experience the pain during interrogation and have doubts you'll survive. But you must. Israel is depending upon you.

I received The Last Refuge as gift in a competition. Thank you very much, Ben, for this awesome book. Feather Stone