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The Recruit - Monica McCarty I love historical romance. In fact, that's almost the only fictional genre that I read. My preference is non fiction. Being that Monica McCarty based this novel on historical facts, I enjoyed the story very much. Monica is gifted in clearly describing the scenes and emotions of the characters.

The reason I'm giving this novel a 4 instead of a 5/5 is that the characters felt too unreal, too invisible, too perfect. The hero, Kenneth Sutherland, appears flawless; the heroine (Mary) started out interesting, but then I lost my feelings for her. I felt the relationship between Mary and Kenneth was verging on shallow. My impression of Mary at the start the the plot was such that she would not have entered into a sexual relationship with Kenneth until much later in the plot. I had admired her tenacity and intelligence up until then.

I enjoyed the fact that this wasn't a simple romance story. There were two main characters and several minor (but interesting) characters. The author skillfully identified each character throughout so that I wasn't confused about who was who.

The plot had twists and surprises. The scenes of passion and sex were over the top and for those who love to read intense sexual liasons, you'll love this book. After a couple of pages of subsequent sexual encounters, I got bored and skipped ahead to return to the plot.

I recommend this book to readers who love historical romance, particularly in a Scottish and English setting; and for those who enjoy passionate sex scenes.